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  • Researcher is kindly requested to review the publication rules approved In the journal before proceeding with submitting the research.
  • Submitting the research is the researcher’s acknowledgment of his approval and acceptance of the journal’s publishing rules and instructions.
  • Submission of research papers will be made directly to the journal website or sent to the Editing Director at the following e-mail: [email protected].
  • It is important to fill in all the personal data required for the researcher in the attached forms.


By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright for their article is transferred to the journal, if and when, the paper is accepted for publication. The published articles are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium provided each paper is properly cited.
The contact author of the article needs to fill out and submit a copyright form upon acceptance of the paper and prior to publication.


Search Delivery

Publishing Areas

Publishing Rules

Publishing Areas

Articles in the Journal include various fields of knowledge that reflect the vision, mission and objectives to be achieved in support of contemporary culture, tourism marketing and related subjects, including but not limited to the following:

  • Culture.
  • Tourism Marketing.
  • Governmental Administration and Policies.
  • Developing new techniques, methodologies, and tools.

Publishing Rules

First: General Conditions:

  • The Journal is interested in publishing scientific papers and events related to culture and tourism marketing in the English language, whether it is original research, reports on conferences, seminars and workshops, or presentations of scientific thesis related to the areas of publishing the magazine.
  • The journal is concerned with publishing original scientific papers that have not been previously published, by any means of publication, and have not been submitted for publication in another journal. This shall be confirmed by the written approval of the researcher.
  • The researcher is not entitled to publish his research in another place after approval of its publication in the journal except after obtaining written permission to do so from the editor-in-chief.
  • The journal has the right to take whatever legal and disciplinary measures it deems appropriate in the event that it is proven that the researcher breaches the scientific integrity.
  • The journal is not obligated to provide reasons for rejecting the research if it chooses not to publish the submitted material.
  • The editorial board has the right to make any necessary formal adjustments to the research in accordance with the instructions and rules of publication in the journal.
  • The journal does not charge any fees for publishing and does not provide any rewards for published research except in the case of subscriptions.

Second: Special Conditions:

  • Commitment to objectivity and ethical values in scientific research, Such as:
  1. Taking into account the authenticity and integrity of the scientific and intellectual tendency of the research.
  2. Avoid offending people and bodies.
  3. The research should deal theoretically and practically with contemporary issues that are closest to human reality.
  4. Taking into account objectivity and keeping away from personalizing ideas.
  • Considering the scientific formulation of the research, through the following:
  1. The integrity of the language and avoiding linguistic errors.
  2. Observing punctuation and spelling rules.
  3. Accuracy in documenting texts and evidence.
  • Number of research pages should not exceed (30) pages of regular cut (A4),  including references and appendices.
  • Font size and type: The font size is: (14), margin: (10). and font type (Times New Roman).
  • The research shall be accompanied by an abstract, provided that it does not exceed (300) words: The abstract includes the following: Research topic, objectives, methodology, more important findings end recommendations, in addition to keywords.
  • 5000–7000-word maximum length including references, tables, and figures.
  • The research to be divided and organized according to the requirements of the scientific research method, in order to maintain coordination of the research and reports published in the journal.
  • An APA approach to be followed in documenting research.
  • The researcher can view a general form of the scientific paper by clicking here: Article Template

Third: Procedural Steps for Publishing a Research

  • The papers are sent electronically, either by uploading them via the journal’s website or by sending them to the editorial board mail: [email protected].
  • The editorial board of the journal conducts a preliminary examination of the research and then decides its eligibility for arbitration or its rejection.
  • The research and studies submitted for publication in the journal are arbitrated by at least two arbitrators.
  • The research is returned to the researchers after evaluation and arbitration for the purpose of evaluation end modification.
  • If the research is accepted for publication, then all copyrights shall devolve to the journal, and it may not be published in any paper or electronic means of publication except with the written permission of the editor-in-chief.
  • If the research is published, the researcher will be sent a letter of publication with an electronic copy of the journal in which his research was published.